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Suddenly Sailing - Living at Anchor

On November 29th at around 10 AM, we were scheduled for launch into the Duwamish river. The tide was high enough that the little walkway running alongside the boat ramp was mostly underwater. After straightening things out with the office, we climbed aboard on a ladder and they began backing the trailer in. 

We started by checking all of the areas that might have leaks: namely, everything we had worked on. The thru-hulls and engine plumbing all looked perfectly secure and dry. So, we fired up the engine. It came to life without issue, but no water was coming out of the exhaust. We shut it off, checked a few things, and fired it up again. 

There seemed to be a suction on the raw water strainer. We couldn’t pull the lid off and it wasn’t filling normally, sitting at about 2/3rds of its capacity. We decided to remove the impeller's cover to see if it was working. After we fired up the engine a second time, the people working at the yard were getting impatient. It would be a waste of re…

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