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PAX 2018 Spotlight: Praey for the Gods

The last few months have been remarkably busy on Blackthorn. We've been out of the water since July 11th, but should be back in the water soon. I was fortunate enough to work PAX this year, and after my shifts, I spent some time poking around the expo floor, as well as popping into the MIX and SIX indie showcases.

Praey for the Gods by No Matter Studios
Genre: Action Adventure
Planned Release: Q4 2018 on PC, consoles to follow later
Platforms: PS4, XBoxOne, PC (Windows/Mac)

Along with The World Next Door, Praey for the Gods is one of those games that has my number. There is a wealth of material available online for Praey for the Gods: It's already had a successful Kickstarter campaign, and there are options to join early access for the game. I'm in the awkward position of being both intensely interested, and not wanting to see any spoilers until the game launches. Watching a kickstarter video and playing the demo at PAX West are the only real exposure I've had to this t…

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