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Suddenly Sailing - The Great Haulout of 2018 - Part 1

I'm sitting in Blackthorn, who is sitting on blocks and stands in sight of the Duwamish River in a southern district of Seattle. Work is officially underway, but we've given ourselves enough time on the hard that we're not in a rush. I wanted to write about the process of getting the boat hauled and the preparation that went into it while it's still relatively fresh in my mind.

Boats that stay in the water are generally hauled out every year or two. There are certain maintenance tasks that can only be done while the boat is out of the water, the most common of which is painting the bottom. Why would you paint the underside of a boat? Much like a house, boats need protection from the elements. Left to its own devices, the sea will eat away at the materials boats are made of, and creatures like barnacles and mussels are more than happy to build their home on boats that spend time at a dock.  To protect the boat, it is usually painted with an "anti-fouling" pain…

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