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Suddenly Sailing - The Great Haulout of 2018 - Part 2

So, it's been quite a while since we hauled. We thought a month would be excessive. There was no way we could possibly need that long out of the water for our projects! Ha, how preposterous!

We could have been back in the water by now. Why aren't we? The largest reason is that we decided to take on a few projects that we hadn't originally planned on. We decided to install our new head while we were out of the water. It also turned out that our prop needed some love, and we decided to plate off some of our thru-hulls, too. None of those were planned for, initially. We've also had family visiting us and helping out, which has been great. There's been other work going on, and I needed to take a short break to start doing some serious work on my mental health. And finally, we’ve made a significant logistical decision: We’re going to be heading out to try our luck at living at anchor, rather than renewing our moorage or seeking out a new marina. That is going to be a hu…

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