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Suddenly Sailing - Anchoring in Liberty Bay

Poulsbo is a self-proclaimed Little Norway tucked away in Liberty Bay, northwest of Seattle. We’ve visited Poulsbo annually since we began our boating adventure, but this was our first winter visit. On December 27th we motored north out of Eagle Harbor, through Agate Passage, and over to Liberty Bay. It was another chilly gray day, and our travel through Agate Passage was dictated by the currents, which can flow at up to six knots through the narrow channel. Foul weather was also on the way.

We arrived in Liberty Bay shortly before dark and spotted a familiar boat at anchor in the harbor. It was the same Lord Nelson 35, captained by an eccentric and friendly self-branded pirate, that had been anchored there when we'd arrived in July of 2017. Aside from that, there were only two or three other boats anchored out in the bay. We motored into position but held off on dropping the anchor as a large sailboat approached, wanting to see what they were up to. The newcomers brazenly motored…

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